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International Emergency Medicine Education Project is a continuous project aiming to provide free resources for medical students/interns, their teachers and promote specialty of emergency medicine in the world. The project’s main content is 130 chapters written by 127 authors. This is entirely free and available on the website, iBook, eBook, pdf, audiobook formats (please check for project timeline). The content is 2018 edition (first) of the project.

How to contribute​

There are multiple ways to participate this global initiative. You can review the below options and contact us.

Updating The Content

In 2020, there will be the second edition of the book/content for same platforms. We will update chapters. The priority to update the chapters will be given to original authors first. However, new authors and contributors can be the subject for this purpose.

Being A Section Editor

We have 22 sections in the book/content. Although we have section editors for some chapters, there is a need for more section editors.

Being An Author In The Book

Today, there are 130 topics/chapters in the book/content including quizzes. However, new chapters may be needed for 2020 (2nd) or  2022 (3rd) editions.

Being An Author In The Blog

The medicine is changing very fast, and content is becoming outdated over time. Furthermore, there are many important messages, topics, simple but important things we need to share with students/interns. Therefore, we open the blog section to emphasize some of them with short posts, screencasts, podcasts, infographics.

Being A Medical Image/Video Contributor

Finding freely available medical clinical pictures, videos, imaging pictures, etc. to use in the book formats is not easy. Actually, we recommend you to search on the internet and see the results. Although the internet is full of medical media, their quality, relevance, and permissions are not fully fit to use them in our chapters. Our authors tried their best to give original media and find the best freely available media options. However, there are a lot of media needed to provide a good resource for our trainees and educators in a complete package. Therefore, your contribution will be appreciated. We will use the image/video with your name (see example)

Being A Multiple Choice Question Contributor

One of the components of the project is providing a high-quality MCQ and different format questions to students in the chapters and separate quizzes.

Being a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Developer/Faculty for Medical Students/Interns

If you read the articles regarding emergency medicine clerkships in the world or if you travel the countries and discuss their undergraduate education with some of the local leaders, you easily recognize that there is a lot of gap between countries. Today, there are very few countries in the world has appropriately designed undergraduate emergency medicine education programs in their medical schools. The majority of the countries (even some developed ones) have no guideline, curriculum, enough resources (faculty members, etc.). This is one of the things we need to change as medical educators/enthusiasts. But, it will take decades. Until that time, we need to do something for undergraduate emergency medicine education globally. We need to provide some important aspects of the emergency medicine curriculum with well-designed modules and make it freely available. This will help to medical students/interns, first-year residents, clerkship directors who have limited resources. Therefore, two to three years time, we are planning to open these modules. If you eager to part of this, you are welcome.

There are multiple ways to participate this global initiative. You reviewed the above options. 

If you feel responsible to improve international undergraduate emergency medicine education, this is your place. So,  please contact us, share your experience and resources with others.

We are looking forward to see you in the team

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