Project Timeline


  • Defining the need for a resource consists of various platforms for medical students to support their learning experience.
  • Defining the need to use a platform in undergraduate education to promote emergency medicine


  • Communications with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, International Federation of Emergency Medicine, Apple education representatives
  • Deciding a format (iBook).
  • Reviewing the curriculum guidelines and clerkship programs. Defining the content of the resource
  • Invitation of authors
  • Distribution of topics


  • Starting to collect chapters from authors
  • Searching for alternative formats to facilitate the learning experience
  • Reporting the current stage of the project to IFEM education and curriculum development committee


  • Starting to edit the chapters
  • Completion of written chapters
  • Searching and discussing for alternative formats and platform to facilitate the learning experience


  • Editing the chapters
  • Deciding alternative formats and platforms to facilitate the learning experience, accessibility, reusability, engagement. Preparation of the structure of the website, eBooks (IOS and Android), pdf, audiobook, blog, photo – video and social media platforms.

2018 April

  • Finalizing the needed technology and platforms
  • Deciding a web hosting service
  • Creating a website (, audiobook platforms

2018 May

  • Completion of editing of the written Emergency Medicine Clerkship Core Topics
  • Informing authors, contributors, and supporters regarding final stage
  • FINAL STAGE – Level 1
    • Uploading these topics to the website (
    • Testing web and audio content for uploaded topics

2018 June

  • 1st week of June – Announcing the iEM project going live, activating website, audiobook chapters, social media platforms
  • 5-9 June – Reporting the final stage of the project to IFEM education and curriculum development committee
  • 11-17 June
    • and the project is officially announced via social media on June 15, 2018
    • Informing authors, contributors to check content, information on the website and audiobook files
    • Distribution of detailed roles to assistant editors who are responsible for uploading the topics to the webpage, sharing the approved topics (by iEM project director/editors) via social media, managing the comments, recommendations and corrections during the
    • FINAL STAGE – Level 2
      • Starting to upload specific disease entity topics and procedures relevant to Emergency Medicine Clerkship Core Topics. For example: Uploading specific aortic dissection, pneumothorax, acute coronary syndromes, etc. topics because they are related to Chest Pain (core EM clerkship topic).
      • Completing the narration of these chapters and creating audiobook files

2018 July – October

  • Presenting the status report of the project with 3 months stats in the IFEM education and curriculum development committee meeting. ACEP18, Sandiego.
  • by 15th October
    • Completion of website content with available written chapters and their audio files.
    • Informing authors, contributors to check content, information on the website and audiobook files.
  • by 30th October
    • Completion of MCQ bank and providing links on the website (FINAL STAGE – Level 3)
    • Receiving feedbacks, final corrections by authors.

2018 November

  • FINAL STAGE – Level 4
    • Uploading the chapters to iBook (IOS), and making it ready for publication.
    • Completion of the eBook (Android), and making it ready for publication

2018 December

  • FINAL STAGE – Level 5
    • Publishing the eBooks with all features.