Useful Links

Emergency Medicine Clerkship – Education Links

Emergency Medicine Clerkship Websites With Resources

  • The University of Virginia, School of Medicine – EM Clerkship Website

FOAMed Links

  • Life In The Fast Lane – Blog
  • EM Fundementals Website
  • EMCrit – Emergency Department Critical Care & Resuscitation – Blog
  • REBEL.EM – Rational Evidence-Based Evaluation of Literature in Emergency Medicine – blog
  • ALIEM – Academic Life In Emergency Medicine – blog
  • Emergency Medicine for Students Website
  • Free Emergency Medicine Talks by Joe Lex – Website
  • EMDOCS – blog
  • Dr. Smith’s ECG – blog
  • Emergency Medicine Cases – blog
  • Emergency Care Institute – Website

Emergency Medicine Society Links With Educational Resources

  • International Federation for Emergency Medicine – Website
  • Society for Academic Emergency Medicine – Website
  • Clerkship Directors for Emergency Medicine – Website


  • Image Based Medical Reference (GrepMed) – Website


2 thoughts on “Useful Links

  1. Terrific resources listed above! Was wondering if there could be some consideration to adding us ( as a reference tool – We’re a medical reference library that leverages images via algorithms, decision aids, checklists and more.

    We have the largest online searchable collection of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) and Physical Exam clips for bedside teaching.

    Thanks for your consideration!

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