Emergency Medicine Clerkship Book Chapters (2023/2024)

Emergency Medicine Clerkship Book Chapters (2023/2024)

Medical students can now access the latest chapters of the Emergency Medicine Clerkship Book 2023/2024 on this page. As we are in the process of reviewing and finalizing the chapters, they will be uploaded as soon as they are completed. Readers can enjoy immediate access to these updated chapters, providing them with the most current information and guidelines in the field of emergency medicine. This invaluable resource equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their clerkship, allowing them to deliver exceptional patient care. Stay tuned for the full publication of the book, and in the meantime, make the most of the available chapters on this page.

2023/2024 New/Updated Chapters

Thinking Like an Emergency Physician (2023) by Joe Lex

Emergency Medicine: A Unique Specialty (2023) by Anthony Rodigin

The Importance of the Emergency Medicine Clerkship (2023) by Linda Katirji and Farhad Aziz

Communication and Interpersonal Interactions (2023) by Nickolas Mackin and Bret Nicks

Discharge Communications (2023) by Dominique Gelmann and Bret Nicks

Shock (2023) by Joseph Ciano