Core EM Clerkship Topics

The core emergency medicine clerkship topics are chosen from the curriculum recommendation of Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and International Federation of Emergency Medicine.

Core Senior EM Clerkship Topics

These topics contain “approach to the chief complaint.” Click the topic title to go to the page or click to listen/download audio files of all core EM clerkship chapters through SoundCloud.

Shaza Karrar

Murat Cetin, Begum Oktem, Mustafa Emin Canakci

Abdel Noureldin and Falak Sayed

Assad Suliman Shujaa

Moira Carrol, Gurpreet Mudan, and Suzanne Bentley

Matevz Privsek and Gregor Prosen

Pia Jerot and Gregor Prosen

Harajeshwar Kohli and Ziad Kazzi

Ebru Unal Akoglu

Maryam Al Badwavi

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