List of Sections and Chapters

International Emergency Medicine Education Project’s book is “iEM for Medical Students/Interns” and consist of 130 chapters written by 127 international contributors. Emergency physicians, residents, interns and the medical students showed amazing interest and worked hard to make this resource available today. This project is an extraordinary collaborative work with all stakeholders. Everday, we upload multiple chapters. In the beginning of the new academic year (2018-2019), all chapters will be uploaded and be ready for undergraduate trainees and educators.

The Facts of Emergency Medicine
  1. Emergency Medicine: A unique specialty     Will Sanderson, Danny Cuevas, Rob Rogers
  2. Choosing the Emergency Medicine as a career     C. James Holliman
  3. Thinking like an Emergency Physician     Joe Lex


Emergency Medicine Clerkship: Things to Know
  1. The Importance Of The Emergency Medicine Clerkship     Linda Katirji, Farhad Aziz, Rob Rogers
  2. Medical Professionalism: The Dimensions That All Medical Students Should Know About     Amila Punyadasa
  3. Communication and Interpersonal Interactions     Vijay Nagpal and Bret A. Nicks
  4. Data Gathering     Chew Keng Sheng
  5. Diagnostic Testing in Emergency Medicine     Yusuf Ali Altunci
  6. Creating your action plan     Chew Keng Sheng
  7. Documentation     Muneer Al Marzouqi and Qais Abuagla
  8. Discharge Communications     Justin Brooten, Bret Nicks


General Approach to Emergency Patients
  1. The ABC approach to critically ill Patient    Donna Venezia
  2. Abdominal pain     Shaza Karrar
  3. Altered Mental Status     Murat Cetin, Begum Oktem, Mustafa Emin Canakci 
  4. Cardiac arrest    Abdel Noureldin and Falak Sayed
  5. Chest pain     Assad Suliman Shujaa
  6. A Child with fever     Jabeen Fayyaz
  7. Gastrointestinal bleeding     Moira Carrol, Gurpreet Mudan, Suzanne Bentley
  8. Headache     Matevz Privsek, Gregor Prosen
  9. Multiple trauma     Pia Jerot, Gregor Prosen
  10. Poisoning     Harajeshwar Kohli and Ziad Kazzi
  11. Respiratory distress     Ebru Unal Akoglu
  12. Shock     Maryam AlBadwawi


Selected Cardiovascular Emergencies
  1. Abdominal aortic aneurysm     Lit Sin Quek
  2. Acute coronary syndrome     Khalid Mohammed Ali, Shirley Ooi
  3. Acute heart failure     Walid Hammad
  4. Aortic dissection     Shanaz Sajeed
  5. Deep venous thrombosis     Elif Dilek Cakal
  6. Hypertensive emergencies     Sadiye Yolcu
  7. Pulmonary Embolism     Elif Dilek Cakal


Selected Endocrine, Electrolyte Emergencies
  1. Acid-Base Disturbance     Lamiess Osman, Qais Abuagla
  2. Hyperglycaemia     Hong Chuen
  3. Hyperkalemia
  4. Hypernatremia     Vigor Arva, Gregor Prosen
  5. Hyponatremia     Vigor Arva, Gregor Prosen
  6. Hypoglycaemia     Rok Petrovcic
  7. Thyroid storm     Shabana Walia


Selected Environmental Emergencies
  1. Burns     Rahul Goswami
  2. Drowning     Ana Spehonja
  3. Heat Illness     Abdulaziz Al Mulaik
  4. Hyperthermia     Puneet Sharma
  5. Hypothermia


Selected Gastrointestinal Emergencies'
  1. Acute Appendicitis     Ozlem Dikme
  2. Biliary disease     Dan O’Brien
  3. Massive gastrointestinal bleeding     Dan O’Brien
  4. Acute mesenteric ischemia    Rabind Anthony Charles
  5. Perforated viscus     Ozlem Dikme


Selected Genitourinary Emergencies
  1. Ectopic pregnancy     Dan O’Brien
  2. Tubo-Ovarian Abscess   Matthew Lisankie, Charlotte Derr, Tomislav Jelic
  3. Testicular torsion     Sujata Kirtikant Sheth


Selected Neurological Emergencies
  1. Approach to patients with stroke     Matevz Privsek and Gregor Prosen
  2. Acute ischemic stroke     Fatih Buyukcam
  3. Dizziness and Vertigo     Sadiye Yolcu
  4. Intracranial hemorrhage     Nur-Ain Nadir and Matthew Smetana
  5. Seizure     Feriyde Caliskan Tur


Selected Pulmonary Emergencies
  1. Asthma     Ayse Ece Akceylan
  2. COPD     Ramin Tabatabai, David Hoffman, Tiffany Abramson
  3. Pneumonia     Mary J O
  4. Spontaneous Pneumothorax     Mahmoud Aljufaili


Selected Psychiatric Emergencies
  1. Acute psychosis     Elizabeth Bassett, Nidal Moukaddam, Veronica Tucci
  2. Stabilization and Management of the Acutely Agitated or Psychotic Patient    Michelle Chan, Nidal Moukaddam, Veronica Tucci
  3. Medical Clearance-Suicidal thought/ideation     Veronica Tucci


Selected Orthopaedic Problems and Injuries
  1. Back pain     Funda Karbek Akarca
  2. Lower extremity injuries     Ayse Ece Akceylan
  3. Pelvic injuries     Sercan Yalcinli
  4. Spine injuries     Ozge Can
  5. Upper extremity injuries     Meltem Songur Kodik


Selected Infectious Problems
  1. Epiglottitis     KuanWin Sen
  2. Meningitis     Alja Pareznik
  3. Sinusitis     Katja Zalman and Gregor Prosen
  4. Sepsis     Emilie J. Calvello Hynes


Selected Toxicologic Problems
  1. Toxic syndromes     Eman Al Mulla + Bader AlQahtani
  2. Acetaminophen – Waiting for a volunteer
  3. Cocaine     Jesus Daniel Lopez Tapia
  4. Opioids     Jesus Daniel Lopez Tapia
  5. Organophosphate and Carbamates     Waiting for a volunteer
  6. Tricyclic antidepressants     Waiting for a volunteer


Selected Dermatologic Problems
  1. Adult rashes     Jan Zajk


Selected Eye Problems
  1. Eye trauma     Serpil Yaylaci, Kamil Kayayurt
  2. Red Eye     David Wood


Selected Procedures
  1. Abscess incision and drainage     Waiting for a volunteer
  2. AED Use     Mehmet Ali Aslaner
  3. Airway Management     Abdel Noureldin
  4. Arterial Blood Gas Sampling     Matija Ambooz and Gregor Prosen
  5. Arthrocentesis     Tanju Tasyurek
  6. Basics of Bleeding Control     Ana Spehonja and Gregor Prosen
  7. Cardiac Monitoring     Stacey Chamberlain
  8. Gastric Lavage and Activated Charcoal Application     Elif Dilek Cakal
  9. Intravenous line access     Keith A Reymond
  10. Intraosseous (IO) lines/Access     Keith A Reymond
  11. Emergency Delivery     David F. Toro, Diana V. Yepes, Ryan H. Holzhauer
  12. Wound care and Laceration Repair     Abdel Noureldin
  13. Pericardiocentesis     David Wald
  14. Lumbar Puncture    Khuloud Alqaran
  15. Nasogastric tube placement     Sara Nikolic and Gregor Prosen
  16. Needle and tube thoracostomy     Tjasa Banovic
  17. Procedural sedation and analgesia     Nik Rahman
  18. Rapid Sequence Intubation     Qais Abuagla
  19. Reduction of common dislocations and fractures     Dejvid Ahmetović and Gregor Prosen
  20. Splinting and casting     Joseph Pinero, Timothy Snow, Suzanne Bentley
  21. Urinary catheter placement     Gul Pamucu Gunaydin


Selected Diagnostic Tests
  1. Arterial and venous blood gases analyses     Kemal Gunaydin
  2. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis     Arwa Alburaiki and Rouda Salem Alnuaimi
  3. Urine analysis     Jan Zajc
  4. Whole blood cell count – CBC     Kaja Cankar


Selected Imaging Modalities
  1. EFAST     Ashley Bean, Gregory R. Snead
  2. POCUS in Patients with Undifferentiated Hypotension     Rasha Buhumaid
  3. BLUE protocol     Hong Chuen
  4. How to read c-spine x-rays     Dejvid Ahmetovic and Gregor Prosen
  5. How to read chest x-rays     Ozlem Koksal
  6. How to read head CT     Reza Akhavan
  7. How to read pelvic x-ray     Sara Nikolic and Gregor Prosen
  8. Common US applications     Michael Butterfield, Tomislav Jelic, Charlotte Derr


Selected Emergency Drugs
  1. Antidotes     Hamidreza Reihani
  2. Drugs for cardiovascular problems     Ana Podlesnik
  3. Drugs for pain relief     Nik Ahmad Shaiffudin Nik Him, Azizul Fadzi
  4. Paralyzing agents     Qais Abuagla
  5. Sedation agents     Muneer Al Marzouqi, Qais Abuagla


Selected Clinical Rules, Scores, Mnemonics
  1. Clinical Decision Rules     Stacey Chamberlain
  2. Mnemonics     Ozlem Dikme
  3. Classifications and Scores     Sarah Attwa and Marwan Galal


  1. Quiz 1: BLS, PALS, ACLS     Abdel Noureldin
  2. Quiz 2: Cardiovascular emergencies     Abdel Noureldin
  3. Quiz 3: Respiratory emergencies     Abdel Noureldin
  4. Quiz 4: Gastrointestinal emergencies     Aya Dodin, Fakheya
  5. Quiz 5: Neurologic emergencies     Abdel Noureldin
  6. Quiz 6: Orthopedic emergencies     Hind Al Dhaheri
  7. Quiz 7: Paediatric emergencies     Abdel Noureldin
  8. Quiz 8: Dermatologic emergencies     Maryam Darwish, Khulood AlQaraan , Eman AlMulla
  9. Quiz 9: Trauma emergencies and ATLS     Maryam Darwish, Eisa AlKaabi , Eman AlMulla
  10. Quiz 10: Toxicological emergencies     Abdel Noureldin
  11. Quiz 11: Procedures     Khuload Alqaran, Eisa Al Kaabi, Muneer Al Marzouqi