What is iEM?

iEM Education Project in 12 Questions

International Emergency Medicine (iEM) Education Project is an international, non-profit project, endorsed by International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM), and supported by UAEU CMHS and emergency medicine professionals from all around the world. It aims to promote emergency medicine and provide free, reusable educational content for undergraduate medical trainees and educators.

The project focuses mainly on undergraduate curriculum, but learners from all levels (medical students, interns, residents) and their educators may benefit from it. It is targeted at all learners around the globe, however, learners from areas with limited resources have a special place in mind.

The content is entirely free and available in various formats including website, iBook, eBook, pdf, image, video, and audio. Clinical image and video archives are accessible in Flickr and YouTube accounts. The audio chapters and podcasts  are available via SoundCloud. Please visit the”blog” for up-to-date posts (testing phase July – September, active phase from October 15, 2018). The website is mobile-friendly to maximize accessibility. We support free open access medical education (FOAMed). All materials are free to use, download and share.

iEM education project is run by volunteers, and you can join us. Please visit “how to contribute” page to share your Emergency Medicine experience and message with future colleagues from all around the world.

We welcome all feedback! Please leave a comment at contact page and help us create a worthy, free, reusable emergency medicine resource.

iEM Education Project Team