Research Together

There is considerable differences between countries regarding undergraduate emergency medicine education (UEME). However, it is difficult to confirm this statement by the published literature. The articles about UEME are mainly from North America. These studies are the cornerstone of UEME and can guide many educators. However, they represent well-resourced settings. It is difficult to find what other countries do, use, apply for their UEME. This is an important issue even for developed countries.

Although the published UEME curriculums of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and the International Federation for Emergency Medicine are an excellent resources, we do not know which countries are using these guidelines or what kind of modifications they have done in their curricula. Unfortunately, we do not have global data about countries, students, educators, and their resources.

iEM world

Each country is unique, and their needs can be different. However, the minimum requirements for UEME should be the same for every medical school and their graduates similar to medical practice. Understanding the countries’ needs, students’ expectations, educators’ problems or their unique teaching methods may assist us to provide better solutions for UEME globally. Therefore, we think there is a need for a global collaboration to perform research and write guidelines on all these essential components.

In addition, there are many areas to study in UEME in every country such as curriculum designs and developments, trending pedagogies, technology-enhanced learning options, and assessments.

Academicians, core-faculty members, medical education enthusiasts who are interested in understanding and creating a solution for global UEME so as to achieve better learning and teaching experience for students and educators are welcome to join this initiative (contact us). Together, we can do better, together we are more strong,  and together we can find better solution for the UEME problems encountered globally.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you.


iEM Education Project Team