Selected Procedures

  1. Abscess incision and drainage   Waiting for new author
  2. AED Use     Mehmet Ali Aslaner
  3. Airway Management   Waiting for new author
  4. Arterial Blood Gas Sampling     Matija Ambooz and Gregor Prosen
  5. Arthrocentesis     Tanju Tasyurek
  6. Basics of Bleeding Control     Ana Spehonja and Gregor Prosen
  7. Cardiac Monitoring     Stacey Chamberlain
  8. Gastric Lavage and Activated Charcoal Application     Elif Dilek Cakal
  9. Intravenous (IV) line access     Keith A Reymond
  10. Intraosseous (IO) lines/Access     Keith A Reymond
  11. Emergency Delivery     David F. Toro, Diana V. Yepes, Ryan H. Holzhauer
  12. Wound care and Laceration Repair     Waiting for new author
  13. Pericardiocentesis     David Wald
  14. Lumbar Puncture     Khuloud Alqaran
  15. Nasogastric tube placement     Sara Nikolic and Gregor Prosen
  16. Finger, Needle and tube thoracostomy   Waiting for new author
  17. Procedural sedation and analgesia     Nik Rahman
  18. Rapid Sequence Intubation     Qais Abuagla
  19. Reduction of common dislocations and fractures     Dejvid Ahmetović and Gregor Prosen
  20. Splinting and casting     Joseph Pinero, Timothy Snow, Suzanne Bentley
  21. Urinary catheter placement     Gul Pamukcu Gunaydin

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