Unbearable Attraction of Emergency Medicine

Where This Attraction Come From?

Emergency Medicine! It is maybe the most desired specialty all around the world. Countries are rapidly changing their systems to modern emergency medical care. Residency trained emergency physicians are the cornerstone of this change across the globe. Today, more than 65 countries have recognized Emergency Medicine specialty. The demand is still so big, and all systems are facing to Emergency Physician shortage. However, it is not the reason why thousands of students/interns apply for a single position every year. 

This summer many new Emergency Medicine residents will start their new career. They are the winners! They chose the best specialty ever. They chose to be the advocate for their patients. They chose the challenge themselves to save a life, many lives. 

Want to understand more “why?” We have 3 chapter to share with you. You may prefer to read or listen. Every medical student and intern should know these facts; the facts that make our specialty unique. 

Emergency Medicine: A Unique Specialty

Will Sanderson, Danny Cuevas,
and Rob Rogers

Imagine walking into the hospital to start your day – ambulances are blaring, the waiting room is clamoring, babies are crying…

Choosing the Emergency Medicine As A Career

C. James Holliman

The specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM) is a great career choice for medical students and interns. In August 2013, I celebrated my 30th year in full-time EM clinical practice…

Thinking Like an Emergency Physician

Joe Lex

Why are we different? How do we differentiate ourselves from other specialties of medicine? We work in a different environment in different hours and with different patients more than any other specialty. Our motto is “Anyone, anything, anytime.”