A new chapter – Meningitis

131 - LP - lumbar puncture

Meningitis chapter written by Alja Pareznik from Slovenia is just uploaded to the Website!

Selected Diagnostic Tests

Selected Diagnostic Laboratory Tests are just uploaded to the website.

Cerebrospinal fluid analysis

by Arwa Alburaiki and Rouda Salem Alnuaimi Introduction CSF is a colorless fluid that is present within the subarachnoid space, central canal of the spinal cord

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Urine Analysis

by Jan Zajc Indications Urinalysis should be performed to evaluate the following Evaluation of renal & lower urinary tract abnormalities Assessment of some metabolic/endocrine disorders

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Procedure – Lumbar Puncture (LP)

131 - LP - lumbar puncture

Lumbar Puncture chapter written by Khuloud Alqaran from UAE is just uploaded to the Website!