Emergency Procedures: Long Arm Backslab

emergency procedures-long arm backslab


  • Acute management of elbow region injuries such as radial head fractures, distal humerus fractures, after reductions of elbow dislocations; 
  • Proximal and mid-forearm, and wrist injuries such as Colles or Smith fractures;
  • Acute management of distal radial (nonbuckle) and/or ulnar fractures in children.

This video has been provided by Emergency Procedures App developers (Dr John Mackenzie and Dr James Miers) in order to help medical students, interns in training. Please visit the video source or Emergency Procedures app for more procedure videos and information. 


Dr John Mackenzie

Dr John Mackenzie

Dr John Mackenzie MBChB , Dip MSM, FACEM . Staff Specialist Emergency Medicine, Consultant Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist, at Prince of Wales Hospital. Known for cycling endlessly for no apparent reason. 20 years of developing virtual learning for clinicians at all levels.

Dr James Miers

Dr James Miers

Dr James Miers BSc BMBS (Hons) FACEM, Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney. Passion for gypsy jazz and chess. Lead author of Lead author of Emergency Procedures App.

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