Secure With Square Knot


Today, we just wanted to emphasize a vital part of the suturing procedure which is sometimes forgotten. This is square knot. Simple, easy and important. 


Suturing is one of the most common procedures performed by medical student/interns in the ED. Although they are learning by practicing under supervision, many of the medical schools and clerkship programs still may not have formal suturing training sessions. Therefore, there are various fundamental differences in wound closure techniques. 

Many physicians may ignore the importance of square knot.

What do we want?

In the wound closure, we want to gather two sides of the wound and ensure that they stay in that position until the healing occurs. So, we need to keep the wound edges in the exact position. Therefore, we use different wound closure techniques. Suturing is one of them. If we do not consider securing the stitch with the square knot, wound edges may be separated by time, and some cosmetic or infectious consequences happen. 

What to do?

Every physician should pay attention to use the square knot if they want to secure the wound edges in place.

One minute video

Here is a sample from our video archive.