A Little White Coat and A Stethoscope

Ibrahim Sarbay


I will never forget the time that I acted as a “medical doctor” at the 1st year-end show of the elementary school. A little white coat tailored for me and a stethoscope that my dad borrowed from a nurse were all the needs to become a “medical doctor” for my little self. When I appeared on the scene, saw the audience and realized glimpses of admiration in their eyes, I realized that I want to become a medical doctor. Not for wealth or fame or glory; but for the single cause of “love.” I loved medicine. I loved medicine even before I learned anything about it. I wanted to become a “medical doctor”! Period.

Years passed by and hundreds of exams later, I had the opportunity to graduate from the school of medicine. Here I was, fulfilled the dream of my profession. But there was another fork in the road. Which specialty would I choose? I knew that I want diversity among my patients, and I was eager to work across disciplines. I liked performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures together in a timely manner. I believed that emergency care should be free and available to everyone. For these reasons, it was obvious to me that I have to select Emergency Medicine. Fast forward, and I am a third-year emergency medicine resident now. 

I think I don’t have the authority to write about the opportunities that emergency medicine offers or to mentor you about choosing any specialty. Among these brilliant minds of iEM family, I am pretty sure there are dozens of experts to guide you for your destination.

But let me just remind you this: Hundreds of thousands of people arrive at emergency departments every day throughout the world. They receive the best care possible, thanks to the Emergency Medicine specialists. They are there 24/7, 365 days of the year with one rule: “Anyone, anything, anytime.” I personally can’t see a more noble approach than that.

Helen Keller once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing,” and Emergency Medicine is, for sure, a daring adventure. If you feel the same, then Emergency Medicine is the right choice for you.

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