Wellness Week

Dear students! This week is exceptional for all emergency medicine professionals. EMERGENCY MEDICINE WELLNESS WEEK (EMWW).

EMWW is created by ACEP to remind emergency physicians and their colleagues “we are human, we should take care of ourselves, self-renew, enjoy life.”

It is also crucial for medical students. Your health is most important! Taking care of yourselves is your priority. Therefore, eat well, sleep well and be physically active while you are in medical school. Learn healthy lifestyle now and apply it.

If you do not know and apply healthy lifestyles, how you can stay healthy, and more importantly, how you can convince your patients to change their lifestyle.

ACEP has many recommendations

Increase healthy food intake – such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, water

Eat breakfast

Drink less alcohol and/or coffee

Lose 1 pound or 0.5 kilogram – Hint: don’t forget to track your progress and report at the end of EM Wellness Week

Try a new and fun healthy food

Keep track of steps (or miles) with set pre-determined daily goal

Try new type of exercise you might enjoy – yoga, Zumba, circuit training, spin, a new sport – Hint: Some local gyms, yoga studios or sports classes will let you try their service for a 1-week trial in conjunction with EM Wellness Week

Self-monitor your personal wellness

Sleep in blocks of at least 3 to 4 hours, with 1 or 2 blocks per 24-hour period to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep

Work with your scheduler to initiate rotating shifts in a clockwise manner for scheduling caregivers that work a variety of shift times

Set the alarm to GO TO bed

Create a better sleep environment (such as a quiet and cool room, white noise, room-darkening shades, sign on the door that says “day sleeper”)

Sleep with your partner

Stop smoking

Write a letter to someone you want to thank, or offer an apology, then personally deliver the letter

Write a simple thank you note to someone

Have dinner with your family or friend(s) and turn off all electronic devices during the meal

Surprise call or visit someone you care about and could like to reconnect with, “if only you had time.”

Reconnect with places or people that inspire you spiritually

Spiritual involvement with your faith

Learn to meditate: use online resources or take a class

Take mindfulness training – https://www.fammed.wisc.edu/mindfulness

Volunteer to do something for which you have a passion

Find something outside patient care where you can recharge and recuperate

Write down something you are grateful for each morning

Improve the work environment
Structure an action at work to improve the work environment in the trenches

Participate in conflict resolution training

Develop negotiation skills

Decrease litigation stress

Decrease burnout
Make a connection to your purpose in caring for patients.

Tap into the power and endurance associated with this connection.

Plan and set a date for international volunteer trip with an opportunity to “give back.”

Each day write out one reason you chose Emergency Medicine as your career

Initiate a healthy boundary between work and non-work life area

Reach out to a family member or friend with an “ask” for support

Create focus on work activities that provide the most meaning

Develop Leadership Skills
Read a book on leadership

Learn a new leadership tactic

Take a step to move your career forward

Reach out to someone that will help you advance your career – make an appointment with a mentor, coach or career counselor

Agree to mentor someone who can benefit from your coaching or mentorship

Support another caregiver

Other ways to enhance your career
Do self-monitoring on personal wellness (MBI, Jefferson Empathy Scale, Quality of Life Survey)

Retirement planning

Read this amazing source of wellness for emergency physicians. 

Click to reach more resources by ACEP.

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Happy Wellness Week!

You can download and share below infographic cards on wellness

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