How to Subscribe to iEM Student Podcast

“A podcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen to.” by Wikipedia’s definition. Listening to podcasts is a useful way of consuming FOAMed materials.

iEM Student audio podcast is one of the components of the project to increase accessibility to the content provided by international contributors. If you like to subscribe and listen to this podcast through your favourite podcast player, here is how: 

1. Just click to your favourite podcast player (We use Overcast app as an example).

2.Click to the plus sign located on the top right.

3. Click to Add URL link.

4. Add below link

to the box located below "Podcast URL" text.

5. iEM Student Podcast is now available on the app's main page.

6. Click to the podcast to see the list of available recordings.

That's all! Enjoy!

Cite this article as: Ibrahim Sarbay, Turkey, "How to Subscribe to iEM Student Podcast," in International Emergency Medicine Education Project, June 26, 2019,, date accessed: December 2, 2023

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