iEM Monthly – October 2019

Monthly Newsletter October 2019

Welcome to the iEM Education Project Monthly Newsletter. We will share the achievements, information about top posts, chapters, activities and future plans of the project.

Hot News!

iEM team attended the Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress 2019 in Dubrovnik Croatia. The Xth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress held between 22-25 September 2019 at the Sun Gardens Hotel. 

In addition to attending scientific sessions, iEM team also interviewed with Judith Tintinalli and Melanie Stander. Interviews will be shared from platform.

Melanie Stander
Melanie Stander
Judith Tintinalli
Judith Tintinalli

iEM Visitors

iEM world

iEM platform reached to more than 50.000 visitors from 183 countries.

iEM Authors in Dubrovnik​

iEM has 30 international blog authors. Three of those were in Dubrovnik. Anzal Rahman, Anthony Rodigin, and Elif Dilek Cakal. 

Top Blog Post in September

A Study in Yellow
Psychiatric Emergencies
Arthur Martins, Brasil

A Study in Yellow

In Brazil and many other countries around the world, we got used to know September as the suicide prevention month, represented by the yellow ribbon,

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September Blog Posts

Top Countries in September

september 2019 - top countries

New Blog Author

Sumaiya Hafiz


I am a final year medical student studying in Dubai Medical College, with a strong interest in Emergency Medicine. I am also a photographer and work as a contributor for Getty Images. In my free time I like to write, research, find ways of educating the society regarding common medical issues, and travel. I also have an interest in Emergency Care in resource limited settings, public education, and raising awareness about first response emergency care.

How to make the most of your EM Clerkship
1 - Senior EM Clerkship Topic
Sumaiya Hafiz, UAE

How to make the most of your EM Clerkship

Emergency Medicine has something for everyone! Starting the Emergency Medicine (EM) Clerkship is one of the most exciting times of any medical student’s life, regardless

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Free EM Clerkship Book

iEM Free Book (2018e) reached to >3500 downloads. The book is written by 133 authors from 19 countries. It includes 106 topics, 841 pages, 454 images.

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