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  • Emergency Medicine education in medical schools is unexpectedly affected because of coronavirus pandemic. Face to face academic days were canceled, clinical shifts removed from the list. Developed countries and their universities applied or increased online teaching technologies and methods immediately to continue educational activities. However, countries with limited resources are still struggling to teach medical students. Although iEM had plans to create MOOCs for medical students under the guidance of new undergraduate curriculum recommendations of IFEM, the pandemic pulled this plan to earlier days than expected. It is still in the testing period, but iEM's free open online course platform for medical students will be with you soon. Stay tuned!
  • We have a new blog author. Leah Sarah Peer is a Canadian medical student from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has a Bachelor’s of Science, with a Specialization Biology, and a Minor Human Rights. Leah is passionate about Global Health, Social Justice and Medicine. She always believes in being human, caring for the needy and helping people is her soul's greatest joy. Alongside her medical studies, Leah loves voicing her thoughts through writing and hopes to be an agent of change.

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Top Three Reads of March 2020

How to read chest x-raysby Ozlem Koksal

336.3 - normal PA chest x-ray AIRWAY STRUCTURES

How to read pelvic x-rays, by Sara Nikolić and Gregor Prosen

628.12 - femur neck fx

How to Read C-Spine X-Ray, by Dejvid Ahmetović and Gregor Prosen

626.4 - Figure 4 - c-spine lateral x-ray - alignement

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