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Brenda Varriano

Brenda Varriano

Brenda has just completed her first year of medical school at Central Michigan University. She has an interest in Emergency Medicine, and participated in the 2020 STAR-EM (Summer Training and Research in Emergency Medicine) at Toronto Western Hospital. Aside from school she loves working out, drawing and listening to music. At school she volunteers with Special Olympics, designed a study that aims to develop a crisis preparedness toolkit for rural Older Adults Impacted by COVID-19 through CMU-CARES, and is working with a group of students to host Pre-Medical School Workshops. Brenda loves to see others succeed while keeping a healthy lifestyle and avoiding burnout.

Sheza Qayyum

Sheza Qayyum

My name is Sheza Qayyum, and I am a third-year medical student at the University of Toronto in Canada. My interests include medical education, FOAMed, and inner-city health. I am one of the podcast co-directors at the International Student Association of Emergency Medicine (ISAEM), which I enjoy greatly. I also love baking (and really all things food-related), chasing waterfalls with pretty hikes, and laughs with my friends and family.

Joseph Ciano

Joseph Ciano

Joey Ciano, DO is an Emergency Medicine Physician from New York, USA. He completed his Emergency Medicine Residency in Brooklyn, NY and is the current International Emergency Medicine Fellow in the Northwell-LIJ Health System. One of his main professional interests is building the educational infrastructure of EM in countries where EM is not yet recognized as a field and in countries that are in the early stages of this process. He has partnered with international NGOs in EM educational projects and works as a visiting EM faculty member in West Bengal, India. He is excited to collaborate with the other authors of the iEM Education Project to contribute to world of FOAM-ed.

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Top Three Chapters of May 2020

How to read chest x-raysby Ozlem Koksal

336.3 - normal PA chest x-ray AIRWAY STRUCTURES

How to Read C-Spine X-Ray, by Dejvid Ahmetović and Gregor Prosen

626.4 - Figure 4 - c-spine lateral x-ray - alignement

How to read pelvic x-rays, by Sara Nikolić and Gregor Prosen

628.12 - femur neck fx

Top Four Post of June 2020

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