Arif Alper Cevik


Founder and Director

Emergency physician and academician (UAEU CMHS) who interested in international emergency medicine, emergency medicine education, medical education, point of care ultrasound and trauma. Founding editor of Founder and director of International Emergency Medicine Education Project – Active member of IFEM core curriculum and education committee and board member of Asian Society for Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Cevik is a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Professor and Chair of Internal Medicine, Clerkship Director of Emergency Medicine at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and a faculty of ACGME-I accredited Tawam-John Hopkins Emergency Medicine Residency Program. Previously, he served as an emergency department chair and residency program director at Eskisehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU), Turkey. He build the Emergency Medicine residency in ESOGU, and he developed and applied the first Emergency Medicine Clerkship Curriculum of UAEU. He has been in higher administration (associate CMO) of 1200 beds (120 ICU beds) university medical center for three years in ESOGU.

He has been honored as a first Fellow of Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey (EMAT) and served three times as a member of the EMAT board. He represents Turkey and EMAT in the Asian Board of Emergency Medicine since 2011 and the International Federation of Emergency Medicine meetings intermittently since 2002.

He has 99 published articles in peer-reviewed national and international journals and 12 book chapters. He has 161 presented abstracts in scientific conferences, and 136 invited presentations in scientific meetings. He is one of the founding editors of a FOAMed website,, which has 450.000 visits per month. He is also founder and director of the International Emergency Medicine Education Project ( which aiming to promote emergency medicine and provide free, reusable emergency medicine educational resources for undergraduate trainees and educators. This project currently includes 187 contributors from 28 countries and reach out to more than 480.000 visitors from 218 countries. He is the producer and co-editor of iEmergency Medicine for Medical Students and Interns – 2018 – Free iBook/pdf. He is a selected faculty fellow of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning of UAEU to teach advance educational strategies and technologies to faculty members since 2015. In addition to continuous activities mentioned above, he completed the Medical Education Diploma at Dundee University in November 2019.

His professional interest areas are international emergency medicine, emergency medicine education, medical education, trauma management and point of care ultrasound. He is the founder and past director of the Evidence-Based Emergency Trauma Management Course in Turkey held in ESOGU (2008 – 2015). He also interests digital publishing, presentation, and educational website and instructional design, and time management strategies for academicians. Currently, He lives in Al Ain and help to the development of Emergency Medicine education in the UAE.