Interview – Vicky Noble – US training in medical schools

We interviewed with world renowned emergency and critical care US expert “Vicky Noble” about US training in medical schools.

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Medical students’ ultrasound training – SURVEY

There are many studies showing benefits of ultrasound training about understanding anatomy, pathologies and improving clinical decision making. Countries show different approaches to implementing ultrasound training at the medical school level. There are many obstacles such as staff, equipment, training manikins, dedicated time in curriculum design. International organizations are trying to find solutions for these obstacles and encouraging to implement ultrasound training into the medical school curriculum. Ultrasound can be a valuable diagnostic and procedural tool in many low resourced countries, especially where the CT scans and x-rays are not available. However, even in developed countries, medical students’ training on ultrasonography skills is still an infancy period.

We conducted a 1-minute survey to explore the global situation in order to understand current applications in medical schools. We hope you fill and share this survey with your professional contacts and students.

1 minute SURVEY