Top 10 in July 2018

This feed gives the list of top read/viewed posts and chapters in July 2018.

Abdominal Pain

by Shaza Karrar Case Presentation A 39-year-old female presented to the emergency department (ED) complaining of right-lower-quadrant (RLQ) pain; pain duration was for 1-day, associated

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being a women in EM

Being A Woman In Emergency Medicine

Gül Pamukçu Günaydın Turkey Watching the famous TV series “ER” in my 3rd year of medical school I decided to be an “ER doctor.” I

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Give Me A Headache!

Headache by Matevz Privsek and Gregor Prosen, Slovenia A 52-year old male comes to the ED with a severe headache. A triage nurse gives you

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Thinking Like an Emergency Physician

by Joe Lex Emergency Medicine is the most interesting 15 minutes of every other specialty. – Dan Sandberg, BEEM Conference, 2014 Why are we different?

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Emergency Medicine: A Unique Specialty

by Will Sanderson, Danny Cuevas, Rob Rogers Imagine walking into the hospital to start your day – ambulances are blaring, the waiting room is clamoring, babies

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by Maryam AlBadwawi Introduction Shock, in simple terms, is a reduced circulatory blood flow state within the body. The inadequate circulation deprives the tissues of its

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Chest Pain

by Asaad S Shujaa Introduction Chest pain is one of the most common symptoms presented in the emergency department (ED), and it is worrisome because

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Cardiac Arrest

by Abdel Noureldin and Falak Sayed Quick link to Spanish Version Introduction A 23-year-old female was brought into the emergency department. Her frantic family members

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Altered Mental Status

by Murat Cetin, Begum Oktem, Mustafa Emin Canakci  Case Presentation An 80-year-old female presents to the emergency department with a tendency to sleep (altered mental

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A Little White Coat and A Stethoscope

Ibrahim Sarbay Turkey I will never forget the time that I acted as a “medical doctor” at the 1st year-end show of the elementary school.

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