New Section is Uploaded – Emergency Medicine Clerkship: Things to Know

Emergency Medicine Clerkship: Things to Know selected from SAEM and IFEM undergraduate curriculum recommendations are uploaded into the website. More specific disease entities are on the way.

Medical Professionalism

The Dimensions That All Medical Students Should Know About by Amila Punyadasa   Introduction It is prudent to commence this chapter with some relevant definitions.

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by Muneer Al Marzouqi and Qais Abuagla   Introduction Whether you are rotating in the Emergency Department (ED) or elsewhere, one of the key skills

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Discharge Communications

by Justin Brooten and Bret Nicks   Introduction The process of patient discharge from the emergency department (ED) provides critical information for patients to manage

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Data Gathering

by Chew Keng Sheng   Introduction Although a medical student has always been taught to take a comprehensive history and a complete physical examination from

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