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We recently asked FOAMed family!

Dear #FOAMed family. Which books are you recommending for medical students for wellness, wellbeing, life-work balance? @umanamd @EM_Educator @amalmattu @srrezaie @TracySansonMD @CriticalCareNow @SocraticEM @EM_RESUS @EMEducation @Core_EM @emcrit @EMSwami @ALiEMteam @EMManchester

— iem-student (@iem_student) April 9, 2019

Thanks to all FOAMed leaders and enthusiasts for their answers. We received fantastic book recommendations for our students.

Although some of the books are not directly related to wellness, their content indirectly guides you to be more competent, mindful, grateful, happy in order to reach your life long wellbeing.

Here are amazing recommendations through twitter responses! (alphabetical order)

  • Being mortal
  • Daring greatly
  • Deep survival
  • Deep work
  • Designing your life
  • Enjoy every sandwich
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Extreme ownership
  • Factfulness
  • Getting things done
  • Grit
  • How to win friends & influence people
  • How will you measure your life
  • Ikigai
  • In shock
  • Inclusion and diversity in workplace
  • Leaders eat last
  • Man’s search for meaning
  • Mindset
  • No ego
  • Peak
  • Rigor mortis
  • The 7 habits of highly effective people
  • The power of habit
  • The upside of stress
  • When breath becomes air
  • Why we sleep

You can find exact twitter messages including authors of the books below.

Recent Top Reads…

1. Why We Sleep.
2. Peak.
3. How to Win Friends & Influence People.
4. The Power of Habit.
5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
6. Being Mortal.
7. Extreme Ownership.

– and audiobook thats shiz, let someone else do the reading 🤓

— Tiarnán Byrne (@TiarnanByrne) April 9, 2019

For the mentioned theme: How Will You Measure Your Life by @claychristensen; No Ego by @CyWakeman; Designing Your Life; I know @akkalantari really likes The Upside of Stress by @kellymcgonigal (it’s on my read this year pile…)

— Rob Cooney, MD, MEd (@EMEducation) April 9, 2019

In Shock by Rana Awdish. When the doctor becomes a patient with a critical illness.

— Larissa Velez (@LvelezEM) April 9, 2019

I would say When Breath Becomes Air. Highlights our field’s purpose, the role of humanity within patient-doctor interactions, and the importance of how we choose to spend our numbered days and how it impacts our family. pic.twitter.com/j98s2x7bcS

— Brian Gilberti (@User238345) April 9, 2019

@stemlyns resuscitationist’s guide to wellbeing is particularly good.
Busy by Geoff Crabbe. (productive does not mean inbox zero)
Daring greatly @BreneBrown
Emotional agility Susan David

— Louise Rang (@RangLouise) April 9, 2019

Amazing book recommendations for wellness and beyond. I like to add DEEP SURVIVAL-Laurence Gonzales, FACTFULNESS-Hans Rosling, IKIGAI-H.Garcia & F.Miralles, GETTING THINGS DONE-David Allen. pic.twitter.com/s43jTtLtvk

— Arif Alper Cevik (@drcevik) April 10, 2019

It’s an awesome book about being grateful….

It’s amazing. pic.twitter.com/zEbCLGPdfT

— Rob Rogers, M.D. 🎤🎧 (@EM_Educator) April 9, 2019

IMO every medical student should be required to read (or listen to audio-book) Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People” before being allowed to graduate; this would make you a better physician than reading ANY medical textbook. I still re-read this every few years. https://t.co/iJJeerzxXJ

— Amal Mattu (@amalmattu) April 9, 2019

Grit @angeladuckw + Mindset – Carol Dweck
Not standard “wellness” books but, they teach us important lessons about learning to succeed after failure, being flexible in how we think that have greatly contributed to my inner balance

— Anand Swaminathan (@EMSwami) April 9, 2019

Reading “In Shock” now and will be recommending to my medical students.

— Haney Mallemat (@CriticalCareNow) April 10, 2019

Leaders Eat Last by @simonsinek ; Being Mortal by @Atul_Gawande ; Deep Work by Cal Newport; Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace by @jenniferbrown and Daring Greatly by @BreneBrown That’s just for this month. And Rigor Mortis-not a wellness book, but a must read. #FOAMed

— Kinjal Sethuraman (@KinjNS) April 9, 2019

This book helps put everything in life in perspective.
Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

— William F Toon (@wftoon) April 9, 2019

Everything happens for a reason @KatecBowler Because life and each day we get to have this relationship with our patients is a gift.

— Amber Bowman (@AmberLBowman96) April 10, 2019

Here is the full list, again!

  1. Being mortal
  2. Daring greatly
  3. Deep survival
  4. Deep work
  5. Designing your life
  6. Enjoy every sandwich
  7. Everything happens for a reason
  8. Extreme ownership
  9. Factfulness
  10. Getting things done
  11. Grit
  12. How to win friends & influence people
  13. How will you measure your life
  14. Ikigai
  15. In shock
  16. Inclusion and diversity in workplace
  17. Leaders eat last
  18. Man’s search for meaning
  19. Mindset
  20. No ego
  21. Peak
  22. Rigor mortis
  23. The 7 habits of highly effective people
  24. The power of habit
  25. The upside of stress
  26. When breath becomes air
  27. Why we sleep

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