Female Leadership in Emergency Medicine: Interview with Melanie Stander

Female leadership in Emergency Medicine - Melanie Stander MD

Currently, there are approximately 80 countries recognized emergency medicine as a specialty (click to see countries). As our specialty grows, an increasing number of students are interested in emergency medicine as a future career. For students, one of the important reasons to decide a career is the influential leaders and role models in specialties. Today, we are sharing an interview hosting one of the strong leaders of emergency medicine around the world, Dr. Melanie Stander.

Melanie Stander

As one of the first physicians to qualify in emergency medicine in South Africa, as the Immediate Past President of the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa, and as one of the first women on the Board of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Stander has left an indelible mark on the development of emergency medicine in South Africa and has become an inspiration to other women who seek to follow her path of excellence, leadership and dedication.

Dr. Stander summarizes her inspiring talk in The Xth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress; we hope you enjoy watching the interview. You can also listen to this interview as audio.

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This interview was recorded and produced by Arif Alper Cevik, Ali Kaan Ataman, Elif Dilek Cakal.

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