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Keerthi Gondy

Keerthi Gondy

I'm a fourth-year medical student at the University of Michigan applying to Emergency Medicine. I am passionate about medical education, especially end-of-life care in the ED, and resilience/wellness. Outside of medical school, I am an avid triathlete, nature-lover, and an advocate on sustainability and climate change.

Joey Ciano

Joey Ciano

My name is Joey Ciano, I am a born and raised New Yorker currently working and living in Queens, NY. I am finishing my first year of International Emergency Medicine Fellowship in the Northwell Health system. My main interest in International EM is promoting EM systems building. This focuses on promoting the development of the specialty of EM in countries that have not yet recognized EM as a field or are in the early stages of this process. My main interest is working on the post-graduate educational infrastructure. I have done EM educational work in Uganda and continue to work in West Bengal, India to help educate practitioners in EM to help specialty development. COVID-19 has changed the way we teach locally and internationally, so I thought this project would be a great opportunity to reach international students in EM during these challenging times.

Amita Sudhir

Amita Sudhir

Amita Sudhir, MD is the Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director at the University of Virginia, USA. She was also the third year emergency medicine clerkship director for 8 years. She has authored several textbook chapters, an ACEP clinical policy (on NTSEMI ACS), lectured both nationally and internationally and created multiple curricula and educational modules. She is also on the Scientific Advisory Council (First Aid subcommittee) for the American Red Cross.

David Wiercigroch

David Wiercigroch

David Wiercigroch is a senior medical student at the University of Toronto in Canada. His interests are in health policy, international EM and global health. He enjoys collaborating with medical students around the world to advance EM through free-open access to medical education (FOAMed) and student leadership as part of the International Student Association of Emergency Medicine (ISAEM). He is an avid writer, aspiring chef and camping enthusiast.


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Top Three Reads of March 2020

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336.3 - normal PA chest x-ray AIRWAY STRUCTURES

How to read pelvic x-rays, by Sara Nikolić and Gregor Prosen

628.12 - femur neck fx

How to Read C-Spine X-Ray, by Dejvid Ahmetović and Gregor Prosen

626.4 - Figure 4 - c-spine lateral x-ray - alignement

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