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Sudden Severe Headache

In case you didn’t encounter a sudden severe headache today! A 46-year-old female patient presented with severe headache. BP: 178/88 mmHg, HR: 103 bpm, RR:

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Approach to critically ill

The ABC Approach To Critically Ill Patient chapter written by Donna Venezia from USA is just uploaded to the Website! Read “The ABC Approach To

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Clinical Images and Videos on Flickr reached 19.6K views

Dear medical students/interns/PGY1s and educators, we upload regularly clinical, imaging pictures and videos to our Flickr channel. Currently, 652 images and videos are in the

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Arterial and Venous Blood Gas Analysis

by Kemal Gunaydin Introduction Measurements of PaO2, PaCO2, SaO2, pH, and bicarbonate values are made with arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis in order to determine

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Top 10 in July 2018

This feed gives the list of top read/viewed posts and chapters in July 2018.

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Neck pain after a bar fight

In case you didn’t encounter a young trauma patient today! You are working in a rural hospital. A 34-year-old male trauma patient was brought to

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Unilateral or bilateral?

In case you didn’t encounter another trauma today! You are working in a rural hospital. A 55-year-old female was brought to the ED by EMS.

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From experts to our students! – eFAST

Read “eFAST” Listen “eFAST”

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A 69-year-old male with altered mental status

In case you didn’t encounter an elderly with abdominal pain today! A 72-year-old male patient presented with mild abdominal pain. BP: 145/68 mmHg, HR: 83

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What is wrong with this CT?

In case you didn’t encounter shortness of breath today! Go To “Pulmonary Embolism” Chapter Go To “Respiratory Distress” Chapter Go To “Chest Pain” Chapter iEM

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From experts to our students! – Splinting

Read “Splinting and Casting”

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What is the name of this fracture?

In case you didn’t encounter a trauma patient today! iEM Education Project Team uploads many clinical picture and videos to the Flickr and YouTube. These

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Stanford A or B?

In case you didn’t encounter a patient with sudden onset chest pain today! Go To “Chest Pain” Chapter Go To “Aortic Dissection” Chapter iEM Education

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