Top 10 in August 2018

This feed gives the list of top read/viewed posts and chapters in August 2018.

Abdominal Pain

by Shaza Karrar Case Presentation A 39-year-old female presented to the emergency department (ED) complaining of right-lower-quadrant (RLQ) pain; pain duration was for 1-day, associated

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Head CT Interpretation – No Worries!

Read “How to read head CT” Chapter

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How to read head CT

by Reza Akhavan and Bita Abbasi For a standard approach to read head/brain computed tomography (CT) scan, one should adhere to systematic algorithms. The predefined

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Chest X-ray Interpretation, No Worries!

How to read a chest x-ray chapter written by Ozlem Koksal from Turkey is just uploaded to the Website! For pathologic images, please visit our

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How to read chest x-rays

by  Ozlem Koksal Introduction Chest X-ray interpretation is one of the fundamental skills of every doctor. Emergency physicians are particularly exposed to various chest x-rays

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What every Med Student/Intern should know about EM

Rob Rogers Joe Lex C. James Holliman Learn the secrets of Emergency Medicine from the fabulous four chapters prepared by three worldwide experts. Listen or

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Core EM Clerkship Topics

Core EM clerkship topics recommended by SAEM are ready for students. Feel free to read or listen. And, do not forget to share with your

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Chest Pain

by Asaad S Shujaa Introduction Chest pain is one of the most common symptoms presented in the emergency department (ED), and it is worrisome because

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Cardiac Arrest

by Abdel Noureldin and Falak Sayed Quick link to Spanish Version Introduction A 23-year-old female was brought into the emergency department. Her frantic family members

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Paro Cardiaco

Jorge Luis García Macías Traducción Jesus Daniel Lopez Tapia Olinda Giselle Garza Saenz Editores de Traducción Abdel Noureldin and Falak Sayed Autores Introducción Mujer de

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