56-years-old male presented with chest pain.

716 - perforated ulcer

56 years old male known case of HTN, presented to ED with chest pain. The onset was 2 hours ago started gradually. It is a constant and worsening pain. Location: Anterior central chest epigastric. Radiating to Central back” middle of the back.” The character of the pain is heaviness and tightness. The degree at onset was 3 /10. The degree at maximum was 6 /10. The Exacerbating factor is leaning forward. The relieving factor is rest but not leaning forward, eating, antacids, oxygen, nitroglycerin, and morphine sulfate.

Do you recognize the problem in the chest x-ray?

To learn about management, please read chapter below.

Perforated Viscus by Ozlem Dikme

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