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Saturday Night Palsy

Saturday Night Palsy: A Case Discussion

Case Presentation In his mid-twenties, a patient presents to the emergency department with a profound drop in their wrist and some paresthesia to the dorsal

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question of the day

Question Of The Day #28

EKG#1 EKG#2 Which of the following is the most likely underlying cause for this patient’s condition? A) Ischemic heart disease B) Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome

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basic ecg illustrations

Basic ECG Illustrations

ECG Basics ECG Waves   Intervals and Segments   References and Further Reading 1. ECG Rate Interpretation 2. ECG Rhythm Evaluation 3. ECG Axis Interpretation

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A Week Before!

acep gems

ACEP’s shiny new GEMS: the Who, What and Why that make this LP worth playing

Introduction The necessity of introducing emergency medicine (EM) into undergraduate medical education (here – medical school level) has been discussed, if not debated, for over

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question of the day

Question Of The Day #27

Which of the following is the most appropriate next step in management for this patient’s condition? A) Intravenous Adenosine B) Valsalva maneuver C) Intravenous Metoprolol

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compassion fatigue

Compassion Fatigue in the ER and Beyond: When caring leads to an inability to care

That doctor was horrible! How could she be so rude? She’s a doctor after all. Anonymous What is Compassion Fatigue? In December 2020, a relative

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What Was Hot In January?

List of Sections and Chapters

International Emergency Medicine Education Project’s ebook is “iEM for Medical Students/Interns.” It currently consist of 106 chapters written by 133 international contributors. Emergency physicians, residents,

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Abdominal Pain

by Shaza Karrar Case Presentation A 39-year-old female presented to the emergency department (ED) complaining of right-lower-quadrant (RLQ) pain; pain duration was for 1-day, associated

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Respiratory Distress

by Ebru Unal Akoglu Case Presentation A 40-year-old female with a history of diabetes mellitus presents with a complaint of 6 days cough and muscle

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Chest Pain

by Asaad S Shujaa Introduction Chest pain is one of the most common symptoms presented in the emergency department (ED), and it is worrisome because

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by Maryam AlBadwawi Introduction Shock, in simple terms, is a reduced circulatory blood flow state within the body. The inadequate circulation deprives the tissues of its

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Emergency Medicine: A Unique Specialty

by Will Sanderson, Danny Cuevas, Rob Rogers Imagine walking into the hospital to start your day – ambulances are blaring, the waiting room is clamoring, babies

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Choosing the Emergency Medicine As A Career

by C. James Holliman The specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM) is a great career choice for medical students and interns.  In August 2013, I celebrated

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PoCUS – RUSH Protocol

by Rasha Buhumaid Why use POCUS in undifferentiated hypotension? Hypotension is a high-risk sign which is associated with increased morbidity and mortality rate. The differential

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How to read head CT

by Reza Akhavan and Bita Abbasi For a standard approach to read head/brain computed tomography (CT) scan, one should adhere to systematic algorithms. The predefined

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