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ICEM2019 was one of the very successful conferences of IFEM. Korean Emergency Medicine Society showed incredible organizational leadership and successfully organized such a big event for the world of emergency medicine.

Although there is a lot to talk about South Korean hospitality, foods and the Seoul city, we’d like to give some exciting numbers and highlights from the conference. There were 2725 attendees from 72 countries at the conference. 116 (4%) of the attendees were from middle and low-income countries. It is quite a high number if we compare to other ICEMs. Korean society did an outstanding job by offering discounted or free registration option for these countries. However, it is still 4%, and if we want to improve emergency medicine around the globe, we need to increase this number too. Australia was the country which had the highest attendees after South Korea, 173 and 1555, respectively. According to the conference scientific secretary, the longest registered attendee name was “Annuar Muhammad Zuljimal Bin Osman” from Malaysia. The first registrant was from USA, Eugene Kim. Highest group registration was Korean Fire Agency with 193 attendees. The youngest kid in the conference was 14 months old. Total scientific minutes were 12,030 in 29 topics. Siti Nasrina Yahaya presented 12 presentations at the conference, which is the highest number. Application of the conference downloaded 2,198 times. In 4 days, over 50 news released in media. There were 134 organizing committee members and 120 staff. The next conference ICEM2020 will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina (


One of the new project of the iEM is free massive open online course (MOOC) of Emergency Medicine for medical students who do not have structured Emergency Medicine training in their medical schools. The project aiming to create an adjustable course for different needs and various lengths. The content will be created under the guidance of the new IFEM undergraduate curriculum. 

The IFEM Core Curriculum and Education committee and IFEM Board gave us a green light to move forward to develop a MOOC and its certification process. 

IFEM Awards

The IFEM awards ceremony was held in the leadership dinner in Seoul during the ICEM2019. Melanie Stander, Vice-President of the IFEM and Prof. James Ducharme, President of the IFEM presented the awards right after the Gautam Bodiwala’s presentation regarding the history of IFEM awards. There are three awards of IFEM; Gautam Bodiwala Lifetime Achievement Award, IFEM Humanitarian Award, Order of IFEM Award. This year Gautam Bodiwala Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Prof. James Holliman. He is one of the significant figures of international emergency medicine who helped the development of emergency medicine in many countries. IFEM Humanitarian Award was given to the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine and Prof. Elisabeth M. Molyneux from Royal Collge of Emergency Medicine, UK. Order of IFEM Award entitles the recipients to use Fellow of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (FIFEM). This year award was given to Prof. Lisa Moreno-Walton from American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM president-elect), Prof. Anthony Lawler and Assoc/Prof. Sally McCarthy from Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, Prof. Arif Alper Cevik from Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, Dr. Clifford Mann from the Royal Collge of Emergency Medicine, UK, and Dr. Lau Fei Lung from Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine.

FIFEM Awardees – Lisa Moreno-Walton, Anthony Lawler, Sall McCarthy, Arif Alper Cevik, Lau Fei Lung, Taj Hassan (On behalf of Clifford Mann)

Arif Alper Cevik (FIFEM) and James Holliman (Gautam Bodiwala Lifetime Achievement Award)

Arif Alper Cevik who is the founder and director of iEM Education Project, was a fellow in International Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program in PennState University, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center which where Prof. James Holliman was a director. Both met in Vancouver, BC during the 7th ICEM conference in 1998, and their willingness to help and improve emergency medicine around the globe was a common topic in their discussion. But there is another common thing between them. They both born on the same day, 20th December. 

Blog Authors

There are two new blog authors joined our team in June, AlHanouv from KSA and Rebeca from Brazil. We welcome both of them. To see full blog authors team please click this link –



I recently finished Emergency Medicine residency in KSA and continuing my training on Master of Healthcare Administration. From my little experience in working and studying Emergency Medicine, I have to admit that having such projects made things more easier and enjoyable. By using different ways of sharing knowledge, this has made a big difference in Physicians practices also in their confidence in being updated and discussing topics anywhere at anytime with everyone you can imagine. We can all benefit from each other by trying our best to find new ways in sharing/explaining knowledge in a more smoother way.

rebeca barbara rios


I am a student at the end of the 3rd year of medicine, in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. I already contribute to ISAEM, with translations in FOAMed and also assisting in matters related to the national embassy. I am also Academic Coordinator of ABRAMEDE, the Brazilian Association of Emergency Medicine.

Blog Posts

We published 11 posts during June 2019. The article “Countries Recognizing Emergency Medicine As A Specialty” is the top read article in June, again. It reached 2426 views. 

Top Countries by Views

The iEM platform reached to 166 countries around the globe. In June, top countries by views are given below. 

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