Depressed skull fracture

735.1i - head trauma - skull fracture
735.2 - head trauma - skull fracture 2

A 31-year-old male presented to the ER after falling from a 3-meter wall. He fell on his face and is complaining of face pain and body aches. He isn’t sure if he lost consciousness. GCS 15/15. Not much history was taken from the patient as he was in excruciating pain. Vitals HR: 105 bpm, RR: 19 bpm, BP: 106/59, Ox. Sat: 100%, Temp: 36.9.

This case is a kind of unusual. Having this amount of depression of the skull and showing almost no neurological abnormality is not happening very frequent.

We hope that you also recognized the air inside in the right image.

To learn more about how to read the CT scan, see the chapter below.

How to read head CT by Reza Akhavan

You may also see below infographic showing a mnemonic about reading head CT in the ED.

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