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Selected Orthopaedic Problems and Injuries

Drugs for Pain Relief

by Nik Ahmad Shaiffudin Nik Him, Azizul Fadzi Introduction A patient presented with pain at the Emergency Department (ED) commonly un-recognized, under-treated and delayed in

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Opioid Overdose

by Aldo Emigdio Bartolini Salinas and Jesús Daniel López Tapia Case Presentation A 22-year-old male was brought to the emergency room by EMS at 7

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Paralysing Agents

by Qais Abuagla General Information Paralysis agents are neuromuscular-blocking agents (NMBA). They block neuromuscular transmission at the motor endplate. Classification Non-depolarizing blocking agents (NDBA): They

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Simon Carley: Full Interview

iEM team proudly presents the ICON360 project. In this pleasantly educational series, world-renowned experts will share their habits, give advice on life, wellness and the

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by Hamidreza Reihani and Elham Pishbin An antidote is an agent or drug that can reverse the toxic effects of poisoning. The base of clinical practice

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