Emergency Medicine Perspectives of Students – Central and South America

Dear EM family,

The International Emergency Medicine Education Project (iem-student.org) has completed three years. As you may know, the iEM Education project aims to promote Emergency Medicine and provides copyright-free resources to students and educators around the world. Now we have reached more than 200 countries. We would like to thank again our contributors. Without them, such a project would not be possible. This experience has shown us once again how passionate our international EM community is to help and teach each other.

In May 2021, we started the fourth year of this journey. To celebrate, we are pleased to announce alive activity series, Emergency Medicine Perspectives of Students Around the World. Our guests for the third session are Henrique Herpich from Brazil, Genesis Soto Chaves from Costa Rica, and William Gopar Franco from Mexico..

Together, we can understand the experiences and needs of medical students from different backgrounds and discuss potential solutions.

Here are the video and audio records of this session. 

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